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The Selfish Cales - Haapsalu

Baltic Memories - The Selfish Cales

1. Baltic Memories

2. Smokey Shades

3. Haapsalu

4. Beyond The Last Horizon

5. Winterfell

6. Chestnut Maze

7. Fairytales, Nowadays

8. Kaspar Hauser

9. You Can't Sit With The Sabbath

           Running Time: 47'20''

Band: The Selfish Cales

Album Title: Haapsalu

Online Release Date: 19/10/2018

Label: Volcano Records

Cat No: VR0040

Formats: CD

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Online Release: 19/10/2018

Smokey Shades - The Selfish Cales
Haapsalu - The Selfish Cales
Beyond The Last Horizon - The Selfish Cales
Winterfell - The Selfish Cales
Chestnut Maze - The Selfish Cales
Fairytales, Nowadays - The Selfish Cales
Kaspar Hauser - The Selfish Cales
You Can't Sit With The Sabbath - The Selfish Cales

Line UP

Andy Cale - Vocals, Guitar, Sitar

Alberto RoccaKeyboards

Luca Zanon Drums

Giuseppe FloridiaBass

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The Selfish Cales were born in Turin in 2010, thanks to some fortunate meetings on Myspace between Garage/Psych sounds addicts; their passionate idea is to bring a complete music reality, also concerned to live performances and visual impact.  The path of the Cales takes place through two initial EPs, first chapters of a simple but already close-knit alchemy. Dozens of gigs in North West Italy bring the Cales to the self-production of two Albums, dated respectively 2013 and 2015; here the typical sound of the band comes to light, distinguished by straddling lush Hammond, vocal harmonisations, a protagonist bass guitar and jangle guitars. The upcoming third album, "Haapsalu", features the new line up, completely renewed in 2017: Andy is the only original member left, as well as the main mind of this third chapter of the band coming out in October 2018 for Volcano Records.


I Selfish Cales nascono a Torino nel 2010, grazie a dei fortunati incontri su Myspace tra appassionati di sonorità Garage/Psych. Con l'idea d'un progetto attento tanto al sound quanto all'aspetto visivo, il percorso dei Cales prende piede attraverso due iniziali EP, primi capitoli di una semplice ma già affiatata alchimia. Decine di live nel Nord Ovest Italia portano i Cales all'autoproduzione di due Album, datati rispettivamente 2013 e 2015; è qui che emerge il tipico sound della band, a cavallo tra Hammond rigogliosi, armonizzazioni vocali, basso protagonista e chitarre incalzanti. L'ultimo album “Throw Your Watch To The Water” lascia ora spazio al nuovo “Haapsalu”, nuovo capitolo d'una line up totalmente rinnovata nel 2017 e di cui Andy è l'unico membro originale, nonché mente principale del terzo capitolo della band in uscita a Ottobre 2018 per Volcano Records.


 Chestnut Maze  [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

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